Need help with installing printers.

I have these printers

Weird, you didn’t buy them.

Damn straight.

In which case, enjoy ban.

Clear cache, go back to Scriptfodder, find script, Google “Name of Script LEAKFORUMS”, profit?

No one will help you install an addon that is so easy to install.

And no one will help you because you use leaks. Have some common sense.

Download leaks, install on your server, get DMCA filled to your server provider, get your server taken down, profit?

Download certain leaks, fail DRM checks, get your data folder filled with 1000s of data files filled with garbage and eat your HD and crashes. Profit?

I actually have penis models prepared with jiggly balls, to replace all player models with.

Sadly, I didn’t DRM my earlier scripts before they got leaked ^^