Need help with integrating models, TTT pointshop.

Ok, so I have pointshop by undefined up and running… ULX, ULiB and wire mod. This is for my TTT server,

I switched from Vilayer because, if you’ve used Vilayer ud know ^^. Dat provider is whack.

But anyways, I use FileZilla as my FTP.

I downloaded a retarded teletubbies file, put the mdl, phy, vtx, and wd in gmod/models.
Resynces my server, no luck yet besides script errors. Wow, dafuq?

So I heard something about resource.addFile and downloaded Fox-Warriors Resource Gen. 2.05

and ended with this automated lua.

i then put this file named that i named resources.lua in gmod/lua/autorun

Anything i did wrong/differently?

There was also a materials and lua folder in the tubbies crap, do i have to extract these too? Thanks!!!

Sorry but i dont know lua

Edit: You know what, can someone just tell me how to add ttt models? Thatd be great ^^ aint nothing on youtube/google.***

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63 views no replies? lol…

I need help… Too with TELETUBBIES!

Well, the client is downloading the files in the main directory. (Doesn’t really make any sense.)
make sure it looks something like resource.AddFile(“models/whatever/blah.mdl”) etc
Hope this helps.

i could show you step by step if you have skype? or i could give you a huge paragraph explaining. which one?

Make a file called fastdl.lua and put all your:


In that file using the generator and put that in lua/autorun/server

Hope this helped!