Need help with interior and hull seperate texturing

Hello, I have recently started learning modeling and succesfully created some basic models, also imported them to gmod. Next i wanted to model somthing bit more advanced, like spacebuild models. That has different textures for interior and hull and here comes the problem, i cant find any tutorial that would explain, how to texture interior and hull seperatly, if i think corectly then gmod can have only one texture file per model right?

Anyways long text short, can anyone explain or link some tutorials how to texture single model with different textures.
Also i am using autodesk maya for modeling.

And here is one quick sample model what i am having trouble to texture.

Picture :
Model :

Sry for my bad english too, i hope you can help me.

Actually source can have as much as 32 different materials on one model. just assign one material to the outer mesh and another to the inner polygons.

Could you explaint it litle bit more in details as how to assign materials to different “faces”. Currently i have textured simple models where i made simple uv map that contained each face. But with more bigger and complex models, i cant fit all those faces. Is it possible for example place 2 texture in uv map and assign them to faces, if yes then how :stuck_out_tongue:

Select the faces which need a different texture and drag that texture onto the selected faces in one of the viewports.

Sorry for taking so long.
Basically what you do is as hiddenmyst said. You select the polies that you want to have a material and apply it, then apply the second one to the others.

Now what this does is create two material ID’s. Essentially the model now has two texture sets and everything included with it. So you basically have two UVW maps as well.

In the unwrap UVW dialog you have the option to actually toggle ID visibility.

Thanks for the replys.

I made one more complex model (atleast for me :D), and tryed to texture it. Everything looked fine at first, but when i tryed to look it in source model viewer, it told “Model attempted to load one or more VMT s it can’t find.”. I am sure that paths/names are correct, because it shows one of the materials, but not other ( also i have two vmt/vtf files now, one for each material ).

And litle picture if it helps: Picture :
Litle side note about picture, in Maya it shows outer material, but not inner. Ingame it shows inner and not outer (same for model viewer).

Edit: Picture from model viewer: