Need Help with jobs in my server.

Hello I have made my server and everything But i need help with Jobs and playermodels as I have no skill in that field I have playermodels I want but dont no how to install them right etc
I dont have a Income so I have 7euro on my steam Equivalent to around $8.80 and can buy you a game or games on the steam summer sale if you help me thank you :slight_smile:

I suppose its not surprising that your only other post is advising someone on how to use a leaked version of a coder-hire script.

Well I am allowed to help am I not?. I said I know how to use the script I dont use that script legit or leaked anyway I just know how.

Dude ill do it for you free. Give me a few minutes to gather some pictures and a small instructional paragraph for you :zoid:

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Installing custom player models to use:
First if your using workshop make sure you have used an extractor to extract the .gma file.
I recommend GMAD extractor. Im sure there’s others too if you want to look for one yourself…
Extract it to a folder preferably named the name of your model.
Once its extracted literally drag the folder to your addons folder heres an example of mine:

Now once its added make sure in your model folder it contains another folder called lua

Inside that folder and its sub folders should be a .lua file.
Open it with any text editor and make sure it has the lines

local function AddPlayerModel( name, model ) -- this is key.

	list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", name, model )
	player_manager.AddValidModel( name, model )
-- these models are examples. They may not be the same. 
AddPlayerModel( "CODMW2 Guy",		              "Models/CODMW2/CODMW2.mdl" ) --these are the models 
AddPlayerModel( "CODMW2 Guy 2",		              "Models/CODMW2/CODMW2H.mdl" ) 

OR somewhere it says:

--this model is an example in this case i was using Chains from a payday 2 pack!
player_manager.AddValidModel( "Chains", 		"models/player/pd2_chains_p.mdl" ); --It must have this someone so your character wont be in T-pose and will have no walking animations etc

Once you’ve done that check this video how to add custom dark rp jobs (I’m presuming your on about darkrp. if your not and using liquidRp or whatever other gamemode search up how to create custom jobs for it)

Thank you for the help :slight_smile: