Need help with lighting and shapes in Blender

Point 1: The lighting is messed up even though I have like 3 lights around it, I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.[/T]


Point 2: How do I increase the side count on a circle? When I extrude it it looks really blocky.

Please note I’m just beginning Blender, and really, modeling in general.

when you make a circle, hit T to open the tools panel. on the bottom left will be options for w/e item you recently created, and you can edit the number of sides there.

What about my lighting issues? Why isn’t the top of the can lit? I have like 3 lights directly pointed at it

flipped normals maybe? Ctrl-N.

After you extrude it, select the vertical edges and bevel them all (W -> Bevel). It’s probably not 100% precise, but should do the job without making the whole cylinder unnecessary complex…
(Hope I understood your problem right)

I think you have inverted normals, go into edit mode select all certifies then choose the recalculate normals option

That’s called flat shading. Select all faces in edit mode and set shading to smooth (in the T panel).