Need help with lighting problems

I have a grocery store that I want completely lit up, but whenever I turn my flashlight on inside the store, everywhere else inside becomes dark. As far as I know, this doesn’t happen anywhere else on my map. This happens with both the lights I’ve used, light and light_spot.

Flashlight off

Flashlight on

It would also be nice if it lit the ceiling.

Are you using a model texture for the ceiling? If so, they can only be completely lit or completely unlit.

I don’t know what to tell you about the flashlight problem.

No, it is plaster/plasterceiling006a.

Oh, then I’m stumped.

I fixed the ceiling problem by removing the props and replacing them with a porthole decal, but the flashlight problem still remains.

Is it at all possible you have a leak, I just get the idea from staring at the back wall with a shadow coming from nothing. :raise:

Nothing to do with the flashlight problem of course.


Also I have had this problem once with the ep2 engine, but it was for an unknown reason. It just went away later.

Absolutely no way I have a leak. I have been squeaky clean about those after my first map disaster. Plus there is a skybox right behind that wall.


The end. I switched around the wall and floor textures a bunch, and it no longer has problems! I wonder what was wrong with those two.

Yeah that leak was a little far fetched I guess…?

Anyway you may have been using a vertex lit texture, though I’m positive valve has NEVER put a “vertex lit generic” vmt anywhere other than “materials\models”

Nah, it was a plaster wallpaper texture.

Then I cannot possibly see what might have been wrong.