Need Help with Loading Screen

How do people create the loading screens that say “Downloading These Files”…

Like how do you create a dynamic page? Are there any tutorials for this? Thanks!!

Well you can create a custom loading screen by putting this command

sv_loadingurl “

in your Autoexec.exe file. Where you URL is, you can specify a website that is hosting your loading screen, most server rent a Flash Hosting website, like mine, that can play animations and such. But if you want to do something simple, just head over to File Shack or something and host a picture that you would want your loading screen to be.

I know how to do that, I want to know how to make the part that says “Downloading File”

It has some stuff to do with javascript.

See the wiki, i know there is a page on there somewhere about it, i cannot remember where though.

There’s the page on the GMod wiki for setting up a loading url page, hope this helped :).