Need help with LS3

I can spawn all the modles and i get the little sceen that tells me about the imput and output rates when i look at it, but the link tool dosn’t work it says that the link is invalide and i need to connect to a “node”? what is that an how do i get one?

I have RD3, SB3, LS3, LS3 entitys, wire and SBMP 1 2 and 3 And custom addon framwork

I have 4gb ram
2 2ghz core
windows vista
T6400 512mb graphics card

Place a resource node and connect everything to it.

where? i can’t find any thing like that were should it be?

Under the CAF menu it should say Resource Node.

I’ll go have a look


no it’s not there. in the RD tab of CAF there is only
Advanced link tool
Auto link tool
Entity valve link tool
link tool
smart link tool
valve link tool
Res. Debuger

So does anyone know whats wrong?