Need help with lua menu coding!

Hello Fellow Lua, Coders!,

I have been Making A Fallout Role-play Script, I have Pretty much completed it… BUT I haven’t achieved the skill of making a menu with a image as the background -.-, What im trying to achieve is a VTF file used as a background,
Clearly a background without a outline,

Here is an example of what i want to be able to do when EG: People open there Inventory!

Please help!

I’m not very sure what you want to do, but if you want to display a custom .vtf file on the HUD, use this: **[Draw.TexturedQuad](**

You talking about ?

Thanks for the Replys but if you Read I did state that I “Didn’t” Want the Outline of the Dframe -.- uhm Look at the Site I posted there is a Prime example there. I basically want it so when people press Q it opens a menu which looks exactly like that and then I can then add the Buttons where the text are to open a DImage with other transparent Buttons but i just need the Frame in the Background or better pronounced the “Parent”


You need to make a derma skin.

Or just use Panel:Paint(), if it’s just the one panel that needs it.

If you want to use it as a theme, though, then a derma skin is the better way to go.

MainMenuPanel = vgui.Create('DPanel', DOVERRIDE)
MainMenuPanel:SetSize(1024, 1024)
MainMenuPanel:SetPos(ScrW() - ScrW() + 45, ScrH() - ScrH() + 45)
MainMenuPanel.Paint = function()
	local DrawTexture = surface.GetTextureID( "srpimages/misc/pda_frame" )
    surface.SetDrawColor( 255, 255, 255, 255 );
	surface.DrawTexturedRect( 0, 0, 1024, 1024 )


Did you make a website just to host that one image?

Dude… it’s from the texture folder on the server…

He meant the OP.

No, he just got the picture from

Then he simply went to registered a free shortener, like or except that ‘.tk’ is more crappy.

The next step he did was just give you guys the link in this thread. So no, he didn’t make a website just to host a picture.