Need help with lua!

Hello! I am a guy who hosts a DarkRP server for garry´s mod. But I need custom coded things, and I need to learn how to code LUA better (Can only make basic stuff in LUA.).
I know there is a LUA for beginners tutorial on the wiki and stuff, but I often get confused from it and it often doesn´t work. I know this will sound stupid, but I need somebody helping/teaching me LUA like in private.

Thank you for reading this, no mean or stupid comments. :slight_smile:

Well for starters it’s lua not LUA.
code_gs made a thread for learning and it’s pretty helpful.

Actually, it is Lua.

Here are a few resources:

General Learning Lua Help Thread:

Problems that don’t need their own thread ( All simple questions / quickies should go here ):

DarkRP Help Thread ( ALL DarkRP Questions go here ):

Looking to HIRE a coder? Read this:

Coderhire Thread:

Facepunch Style Fixer for GreaseMonkey:

if you dont feel like going through all those links, i would suggest studying pre existing code (something simple like old darkrp or something, thats what i started with)

The first link is most important, second are for general questions, third is DarkRP, 4th and 5th are Coderhire, and last is to fix the issue with users having super long / annoying titles and other style issues with Facepunch using GreaseMonkey.