Need help with m9k ttt weapons not being holdable

So ive been wanting to put the ttt m9k weapon pack onto this server that i help run but since I’ve added them the server has just gone to shit. Its making vanilla weapons not pickup able or sometimes they just cause lua errors out the ass when you try and shoot them. Then when i set them to be an item in the point shop or i spawn them in i cant actually pick them up even after they have been set to be picked up. i got them from this and then i have the other files added for sounds and textures just in case. i dont know if maybe having both the ttt and the normal m9k weapon packs are conflicting but ive run out of ideas on why they arnt working and theres nothing online to help.

I read through the comments and it seems that they have quite a few issues. I don’t think they’re actually compatible. Also, I just skimmed through the code and it seems they override the default weapons.

yeah they kinda take over on some default weapons but not in a textural way but more of muzzle flash effects and some sounds. ive used them on other ttt servers but i dont know if the person who put them in redid some of the code to make them work. in the link i put the code for the guns is a little different than just the ones that are in the workshop. they seem more aimed towards ttt than just normal sandbox use.