Need Help With Making Classes

I am making a new gamemode and the only problem I am having is making more than one class, here is two classes code:

local SSpartan = {}
	SSpartan.WalkSpeed = 200
	SSpartan.RunSpeed = 300
	SSpartan.MaxHealth = 200
	SSpartan.StartHealth = 200
	SSpartan.TeammateNoCollide = true
	SSpartan.JumpPower = 300
	SSpartan.WepLoadout = function( info )
		info.Player:Give( "halo_swep_assaultrifle" )
		info.Player:Give( "halo_swep_magnum3" )
		info.Player:SetModel( "models/player/lordvipes/h3_spartans_mps/h3spartan_mps_cvp.mdl" )

player_manager.RegisterClass( "Scout Spartan", SSpartan, "player_default" )

local Marine = {}
	Marine.WalkSpeed = 200
	Marine.RunSpeed = 300
	Marine.MaxHealth = 200
	Marine.StartHealth = 200
	Marine.TeammateNoCollide = true
	Marine.JumpPower = 300
	Marine.WepLoadout = function( info1 )
		info1.Player:Give( "halo_swep_assaultrifle" )
		info1.Player:Give( "halo_swep_magnum" )
		info1.Player:SetModel( "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/m01.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/m02.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M03.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M04.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M05.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M06.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M07.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M08.mdl", "models/jessev92/halo/unsc_h3_marine/M09.mdl" )
player_manager.RegisterClass( "Marine", Marine, "player_default" )

and there is the GM:PlayerSpawn Code,

function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply )
	player_manager.OnPlayerSpawn( ply )
	player_manager.SetPlayerClass( ply, "Scout Spartan")
	player_manager.GetPlayerClass( ply, "Marine")
	player_manager.RunClass( ply, "WepLoadout")


What the problem is when I go to join the second team I am getting the error “Function Marine not found on player class!” but the other Loadout works fine

I thought it was solved but wasn’t, Please HELP

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FOUND OUT on my function (one I didn’t put here) I need to use player_manager.SetPlayerClass and not player_manager.RunClass