Need help with map crashing (RP_littletown)

Hello everyone.
This is a hard one,but i would like some help.After hours and hours and HOURS of trying to fix this,i just got sick,since my friend who goes to video game programming college was dead confused when i explained him the situation and showed him the crash logs.He hooked me up with some guy named Montez who suggested me to go on facepunch support,and then the support told me to contact the map maker or try the community,so here I am.

Basicly it all started in September.I payed 5 pounds for VIP on the W-G Nazi Occupational RP server.I played on it for a long time.Sometimes i couldn’t join the game because i would crash on “Workshop Complete”,but i had a fix.I just verified the game,exited steam,then directly entered gmod and re-joined.It worked.Then i took a break from the server in December untill around mid-February.Keep in mind i didn’t change a slightest detail on my pc in the period.

One day i was just bored.I decided to re-visit the server.Not much has changed.I entered,got to Workshop complete,and got a crash.As always i tried the typical fix,but it didn’t work.That is where the grinding started.

I tried the following:uninstalling all addons,having just addons for the server,uninstalling steam,uninstalling gmod completely (first removing the garrysmod folder then uninstaling),navigating to GarrysMod/CommonReg/DirectX/VersionDate/DXSETUP.EXE and running it with administrator privileges,tried EVERY SINGLE -dxlevel COMBINATION in the launch option and probably tried all possible codes in the launch options.

Bear in mind that i haven’t changed my pc in a bit,it ran the server without a problem,and all the drivers are up to date.Specs:
CPU:AMD A4-4000 APU with Radeon ™ graphics 3.00 GHz
GPU:AMD Radeon R5 230 2gb RAM
RAM:4,00 GB
Motherboard:ASUS A58 Series (ASUS A58M-K)
And i was told not to blame it on my client because a few others that visit the server (Picca and Spork) have the same issue and are practically desperate at this point.
Just know i met tons of people that have the same problem on different servers,so a lot of us hope a global fix comes out,because this is just plain stupid.Link to my post on the server’s forum:

Oh yes and by the way i think the map is guilty but i am not sure because other people run it without a problem,and i could too.So the issue is very complicated.I just try to run it in singleplayer,and it crashes before even reaches 3 bars.So i guess the map is starting the problem.As i said,weird thing is i could run the map a few months ago without a problem.
Thank you very much for reading this,and im looking forward for feedback.

Sincerely,ActionCroatFan or Vito.

The author on the workshop page uploaded that map just over 3 years ago and hasn’t updated it since.
There are specific instructions to the conditions under which the map worked at the time - i.e. only mounting a specific set of source games.

Why not follow up on your comment on the workshop page and ask if the author can update the content, or see if they are willing to allow you to decompile the map and fix it?

loading the map in SP and putting developer 1 in the console only brought up a Bad Header error on a sound file, not sure if that would cause a crash or if you’d get more errors when playing MP but its something the map dev needs to look into

Im just gonna call it solved,since i dont give a fuc* anymore.It came to the point where im so frustrated that i won’t even try.
Small update,i tried reinstalling it,but i cant even install the map now without my game crashing.