Need Help with map making!!

Hi, i wanted to make a map but there’s one really big problem.

I know that i need to download source sdk to get the hammer thingy that lets us make maps that are compatible with source engine.

But i somehow can’t download source sdk. I check the tools @ steam but its not there. I tried using the link form steam development thingy but nothing is happening.

Can anyone help or give me a copy of the sdk PLEASE!!!

Do you own a source game?
You can find a list of all of the SDK games here:

**You can’t give someone a copy of the SDK **

You need to find it in the ** TOOLS ** section of steam as pictured here:

Please not that if your only source game is HL2DM and you got it from the free ATI / Nvidia deal you do not acquire the SDK.

You need a copy of a source game first, do you own any?

yup, i own hl2. I got it 4 free and my friend gave me his garry’s mod.

Can we have a screen shot of your games tab and the tools tab please?

okay, i tried running steam again and fortunately, the source sdk was at the tools tab. But when i click to install it. My steam automatically closes.