Need help with map(prop_detail)


I’ve made certain props (prop_detail) and they don’t show up. ( None of them ). I’m sure its the updated map since I had a block created after I created the prop_details, and the block showed up. I do not have Half Life 2, Im using models/props_wasteland/prison_bedframe001b.mdl. I use GMOD/BIN hammer.exe , I can see the prop(like in other maps…), Do I need Half life 2 ? installed?

–Update: Tested gmod props, dont show up either…–

gmod will mount the hl2 game files in order to get these models.

Also, I don’t think the bedframe is a prop_detail. It should be prop_physics or prop_static. Review the model viewer in hammer.

Why does only prop_physics show up. Well guess Ill have to use those, thanks though.

Can have tens to hundreds of them in a level, depending on complexity.

cause… I need more…

If it shows as an “error”, model is missing

If it doesn’t show up at all, its in the wrong class.

YES prop_physics
YES prop_static
NO prop_dynamic

Review your console log, also your compile log and see if there is a problem in there. I dont think i ever had a problem like this before.

It only shows up as physics, not static… Which is a huge problem xD (static is ticked on the prop)

I noticed. Bit odd. Oh well, you can use prop_physics with the flags
Start Asleep & Disable Pickup

Can someone explain why static isn’t working? Because I can only use 10-100 physics props? Which is not enough for me, and even though I don’t like going near limits. I just a need prop standing in the map( I Tried prop_detail, prop_static) both dont show up. I havn’t tried dynamic but that would only raise from 10 to 100+.

Also, how would I go about placing text on a wall( like litterly ) I tries game_text, but that seems to show it on screen when near the trigger.


For text/graffiti/posters on walls, look into decals.

The prop_static issue might be a bug.