Need help with mapping project

Me and my friend are working on a city map and I just want to know what are all the ways to optimize a map? Also How do I make npcs spawn then follow a path and repeat?


The guide for all things optimization for the Source engine are here:

look on for some noding and NPC tutorials.

And funnymuffin, that doesn’t answer his question at all. That’s just a thread on advanced AI scripting, half of which would need modification of the engine to be done with ease.

of course it is. i was directing him to that discussion. no need for a duplicate.

He’s asking for optimization and **basic **forms of NPC movement, not for a system which can detect an NPC’s immediate visibility, check to see if someone died, run to an officer who then runs back to the scene and takes care of what happened.


as for the AI, node up your map to make sure that the NPC has a path to travel on, place an NPC spawner and tell the NPC to go to a path_corner, then have an output on the path_corner to kill the NPC and then another output to spawn the NPC once more (delay it for a slightly more realistic effect, It’s a good idea to have multiple NPC’s spawn and move, it makes the spawn a little bit less noticeable.

this guy has some useful tutorials on source mapping dont worry it works for all source games is superior.

dude, stop posting that every were.