Need help with math_counter and env_sprites

Hey again, as I said I’m getting back into mapping again, and I have some dumb questions to ask:

The more pressing one is how Math_counter is supposed to work. Don’t link me to the Valve wiki, I’ve been there an I’ve messed around with math_counter in just about every convcievable way except the right one.

Here is what I’m trying to do:

the player needs to place three switches on a fuse board, and once that happens after a period of three seconds a series of lights begin to turn on.

What I’m doing is using the Math counter to check if a switch is placed on the board, and to send the output when all three switches are placed.

I have the counter set as follows (going by memory, this is one variation)

initial Value: 1
min value: 0
Max Value: 4.

once every switch is placed, the force spawn entity would add one to the counter. I assume this adds up to 4.

to troubleshoot it try setting the max value to 2 or 3 and see if it stills work

What is this force spawn entity you speak of? sounds like a problem with how you are incrementing the count.

Try mkaing a test map, using the math counter. I find that when I’m learning a new entity, I may fuck it up in a way that is completely unnoticable, but vital for it to work.

I fried it using a point_template

and a filter_activator_name

Both in a different manner to add 1 to the counter.

I must be incrementing the count wrong somehow, because I set up another system using only two buttons, and when both are pressed, the math counter was supposed to turn on a light. Still no good.

I KNOW you can do this, I’ve done it before for lighting, but not using point_templates and the filter.

It wasn’t working at all for some reason.

are you sure that you are using the filter correctly?

Yes, it checks to make sure the correct model is in place and goes true if it does.

I set it up so that if the filter returns true it adds one to the math_counter