Need help with Maya 2010 to Garrys Mod model compiling!

I have a model in Maya 2010, and I’ve been trying to place it into Garrys Mod for a while. (Like… All fucking day.) I cannot get this to work, at all. I’ve gone probably to every tutorial on Facepunch on how to convert a model. I’ve tried converting to .obj, then SMD… Tried exporting directly to SMD… Tried multiple exporting plugins. Tried putting different textures on the model. I’ve tried everything. Here is my model, I hate to ask. But could someone try to figure out what the problem is or compile it for me? I really appreciate any help, maybe some of you understand my frustration.

Did you actually compile the SMDs?

Here you go, exported as SMD, I’m not familiar with Maya 2010 one, though, the older ones can export smd just fine.

You don’t need the QC at this point, seeing how it’s just a prop. So just open up your Studio compiler and just go to “compile model”, which that’s for just for compiling props. Just write whatever your mdl going to be name and located.

Okay, I’ll try when I get home. I really appreciate your help!

Alright, I tried the Studio Compiler. Wooh, sure is helpful. Yet, it seems like there is some difficulty with the compiling. It states “ERROR: Bad Command.” Any clues you may have?

You’ll need to create the QC file for compiling.

Use this for the idle.smd (You will need one):

you cannot easily compile from Maya 2010 without going through lots of extra steps. I recommend you switch to blender, 3ds max, or milkshape. They export smd’s well.

post your .qc and we can fix that “ERROR: Bad Command.”.

I’ve gotten it compiled with Studio Compile by downloading a third-party SDK with a Studio Compiler. The model is perfectly viewable via HL2 Model Viewer. I placed the model in-game through a sub folder in my “Models” file, but when spawned in-game, nothing appears, only a green circle. Also, when re-compiled with different settings, it’d appear as an error for one second, then dissapear but the Error prop would still be there, just invisable.