Need help with MilkShape 3D animating.

I need help to figure how to (slightly) reanimate an existing animation. I’m helping on a Counter-Strike 1.6 project, we’re creating a CSGO mod server. So we want it to be as similar as the actual CSGO, and I found these T and CT knives models models. There’s one problem tho, in the first animation (idle) on both of the knives there’s an animating glitch. When the knife is being inspected you can clearly see that the knife go trough the fingers. Now I tried to reanimate it, but i have a couple of problems. When I try to reanimate it using groups, for example I select the 5th frame and set a keyframe there and then set a keyframe on the 10th frame, it automatically creates an animation between those 2. And everything works fine, I fix the glitch on the animation, but when I save the animation and view it with Jed’s Model Viewer, the animation didn’t save (I did all the QC compiling and editing). When this method didn’t work I tried reanimating it with moving the joints. So I select the knife joint, set a keyframe, move it and set another keyframe… But not like using the groups it doesn’t create an animation between those keyframes, so it like wants me to reanimate every frame that I need manually. Now I know that if you create a new and empty animation, you can animate it with the joints.

I really need help with this, any solution that would help me to fix the animations is good. I tried to find a way for a couple of days now, but maybe I’m just stupid.

Did you export the fixed animation?
It has to be a sequence smd and not a reference one though.

The thing is, that if I reanimate using the groups and save it (as a sequance smd) the file saves, but the animation doesn’t and it shows the old one.
And if I reanimate it using the joints and save it, the animation saves and I can see it, but the problem is that the keyframing doesn’t work normally and I need to animate every frame individually.

Hmmm, when I used to work with MS3D I fixed it frame by frame though.
What you might be able to do is to convert CSGO ports made for CS:S to CS1.6

Editing animations with MS3D is pretty painful, you’re better off using Blender or 3dsmax for something like this.

I think the problem you’re having is that all of the animations in SMDs are baked, this means every frame of the animation has a key set, so when you move a joint in one frame, the next frame stays the same as it was.
You’ll have to manually edit every frame of the animation if you want it to work.

You also can’t use groups to animate, you have to use the bones / joints, groups are just used to specify texture groups.

It’s really not worth using MS3D for that kind of thing (or anything in 2017, really), it’s better to look up a tutorial for Blender or something.

I dunno about MS3D but in Blender you can just delete the unimportant keyframes

Yeah it has a keyframe set on every frame, guess i’ll need to do it the hard way :disappoint: