Need Help With Model Conversion.... ( 3ds max )

I need someone with 3ds max and the .mdl extension to convert some models from the half life 2 beta. you can find them here. if done please re-upload to please comment and such.

you have to compile it I think .mdl to .smd file and the name of exporter is cannonsfolder I think hope it helps…

what do you do when you have it to .smd? or how would you make it back to .mdl?

Cannonsfolder? Not quite but you were on the right path. Cannonfodder* made a decompilier and .smd exporter and importer for hl2. You can find them all here:

ok, but would i need anything else, to make them work. if 3ds max is one needed, i dont have it

Um… I wouldn’t know. I don’t have 3ds max and I know very little about making stuff for gmod. Sorry bud.