Need help with model importing.

Alright… So, IRL, I love to hang glide. I found a model that works in flight simulator, and guess what. It’s in MDL format. The thing is, I just placed the model itself into my models folder and in-game, it thinks that it is an effect and it pops up as an error. I just got done uploading the file, any help with this would be AWESOME! Thanks.

Download Link:

Flight Simulator does not use the same format as Garry’s Mod.

Yes, it has the same extension, but that does not mean it is the same format. Your only real option is to import the model into whatever editor you wish, re-export it as .smd, and then compile it for Source.

.mdl != .mdl

Many games use the abbreviation “mdl” because it’s self-explanatory, though the actual contents of the file differs from game to game and developer to developer.

Alright, I’ll try re-exporting it.
Edit: This is a pain in the ass… The model decompiler doesn’t seem to like this file.

That’s because the model decompiler only works for Source based MDL files.
The mdl file ending is very common as it stands for MODEL, that doesn’t mean that all are the same.

Seriously, they teach you this stuff in CS101. Anyone who’s competent at computers should know that the file extension doesn’t always specify the type, or specify compatibility.

So, I’m pretty much just out of luck then? Hmph… Was looking online for other “Hang Gliding” models, they are priced for $60. >:\ Where’s the free section? Lol