Need help with model issues

Hello everybody, i’m in need in help, what is happening is that people keep telling me they see errors from custom models for only jobs, I did some research and it says tutorials on gmad extractor but they never work because the gmad extractor is outdated and i ask friends but they don’t know so can anybody please help me please, this is the last error i need to fix until release. This was an issue for a long time on my server. anybody please D;

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any tutorials or explanations explaining why this is occurring will be the best, thanks :smiley: <3

2 Possibility

  1. You added the model path wrong
  2. You haven’t added the model to your FastDL, WorkshopDL, Collection,…
    Also GMAD Extractor still work great

Ok I don’t know what you mean by model path, can you explain it please plus i do have it in my fastDL