need help with modeling a bathroom sink

hey all im having problems making a sink like this exactly how it seen in the picture. any quick technique/tips would be appreciated. just someone experienced or skilled that could offer something. i know practice makes perfect but im just making it over and over again and its crap and not even close how i want it to be. sometimes i do something so wrong and see the right way and its a lightbulb going off realizing how wrong i was doing it

ive tried a ton of youtube tutorials for this specific thing but they are mostly square or a circle sink (all symmetrical)


what tool? it’s still the same i guess. start with a sphere. delete a upper portion. select all and invert it. scale it in one or two axis(es) to make it oval or a 'cigar’ed shape. select the verts that make the ‘wall’ and scale them to go flat. flatten the bottom. scale the upper ring and extrude 1or2 downs to make the outer edge.

Make use of word press.Hope it will helpfull to you.