Need help with my addonss

Yeh i went to add a new map but for some odd reason the folder in my
/steam/steamapps is missing
and its been missing since the last update.
/steam/steamapps/(account name)

but the weird thing is that all my addons are still working
well most anyway
alot of them have bugged out completely
is there a new location i have to install them to or something im missing?

please help!!

/steam/steamapps/<actname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons should be where they go.

Could you provide a working link to your steam profile?

yeh i know but my account name folder is missing

In C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ you should see a folder called zadepsi. Are you serious there isn’t one there? Garry’s Mod wouldn’t even launch without that folder, as all of the Garry’s Mod stuff is in there.

Yeh its not there, no idea whats goin on.
Im uploading a video of exactly whats goin on.
Maybe that will be of help.

Just some screenshots would be fine.

Add me to steam.

Anyone know whats goin on??


Are you sure that thats your steam folder?
Did you reinstall steam to another directory?

Again, add me to steam.

No i didnt its been there for a while now

maybe they where set to hidden. Try changing the setting to allow hidden folders