Need Help with my Beloved Apache

So I’ve been working on an AH-64 apache for quite some time now. It can fly and kill things, but I really want it to do both more profficiently. If you want to check it out, just follow this link…

I’ve done some things to it to look more like the actual model, but I still need help with a few things.

  1. The helicopter is a little flimsy. I’ve done a lot of smart welding to make it a little more solid, but it still slightly flops around when I pick it up. Are there any mods or anything to make it solid, so that it feels pretty real?

  2. The mouse aimed turret isn’t all that great. I used wire-facer to make a mouse aimed belly turret for it(however it isn’t in the video) and whenever I open it up again in advanced duplicator, I have to make a new facer and turret, since I guess that Advanced Duplicator doesn’t copy facers. Also, I downloaded the FLIR thermal imaging thing to make the gunner feel like he’s actually in an apache, but there still isn’t a hud for it, like crosshairs and random numbers. Does anyone know where I can find something that can make a wired hud?

  3. I need a wider variety of props. The cockpit is anything but accurate to the actual chopper and the pilot and gunner seats are just jeep seats welded to a 1x1 PHX plate. Does anyone know any handy gizmos that I can attach to the seats that will make it look a little more authentic(just anything that looks good, doesn’t have to be useful).

I felt really good about it at first, but it sort of degraded my self-esteem when I saw what other people have made out of the god-like Army chopper. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Also, is anyone here skilled with propeller tool? I use a motor for my helicopter to start the propeller, but it is very rickety and not smooth. Does anyone know an alternative to using motor tool?

Hey look, a blocky, ugly helicopter that looks nothing like an Apache. How original.

1: Parenting. Look it up.

2: Don’t use facers on moving things. Ever. Preferably don’t use them at all. Use applyangforce, or preferably applytorque and quaternions.

3: Phx useful and explosive props. Super flat tiles. Super flat triangles. Super flat bars. Vanilla HL2 stuff. ANYTHING small makes good detail props.

4: Don’t use propeller tool. It doesn’t look or work very well. Use a simple fin based system with thrusters for attitude control, or use thrusters only, or if you absolutely must, use Tibbles! chip in the contraptions forum.

Give him a break. It looks like he’s trying.

For a turret, I would not use facers. They don’t work at all unfrozen. Try this tutorial.

Thanks, but I noticed when using Parenting that once an object is Parented to something, you cannot bind it to another.