Need help with my cave...

What can i do to make my cave uhmm… i think it’s called meandering?
Yeah, how do i make it turn and go up/down and look smooth like the tunnels in the Episode 2 map.

And also make a road turn? I think i saw a tutorial on this. I think it was on Interlopers but the site is down right now.

For road you will probaly need to use Clip tool or vertex tool or both.

For cave - Displacements.

Ok, can you explain a bit more about the cave?
If i for example want it to look like this.

How do i fill the holes?

If the both walls are same height and width you could “sew” them.

Autosew, also I would rethink the method you’ve come up with, all you need are the faces on the inside if you are making a tunnel :slight_smile:

This might be helpful.

Ok thanks :]. But if I want it to go up further in the tunnel and i rotate some walls, then sew doesn’t work right?
How should i do then?

well i would start with putting the ground of the tunnels then using vertex edit to get them semi close to the way i want then detail them with displacements.

The displacements need to be the same power and the verticies / edges need to be aligned.

Powers can differ, and the edges need to share either 100% or exactly 50%.

You can’t sew a displacement to another displacement with half the number of verticies on the same face, it won’t work. Even if it did work, every other vert won’t get sown and leave gaps and general ugliness.

:downs: Terrenteller pointed out to me it’s possible, despite me never have been able to do it. Just tried it in hammer and it mysteriously works. Valve needs to BURN.