Need help with my Dedicated Server [Gmod]

Hello guys!

A few days ago i started my own server again after i bought gmod for a friend.
So i downloaded some addons, tools, and it’s somewhat working. However i do have some problems with my server and was hoping someone could help me with them.

1st, somehow animations for NPC’s aren’t working correctly. Rebels and Combine soldiers aren’t running, instead they learned how to hover. Which is great for them, only it irritates me not being able to see their correct movements. Also i never had this problem in singleplayer.

2nd, maps and some addons aren’t being downloaded to the client. So i’m stuck with gm_flatgrass and gm_construct atm.

3rd, some addons work fine in the beginning, like WAC. But after a while everything starts to bug out. Like sounds not dissapearing after i deleted a Heli. Or not seeing any bullets coming out of my gun whilest the sounds and muzleflashes clearly indicates that they should.

Any help would me much apreciated.

  1. Did this happen on a fresh install, or after addons were added.

  2. Get a FastDL or set your net_maxfilesize to a number greater than your maps file size (in mb)

  3. Gmod becomes unstable after a large amount of addons get installed.

1, did happen on a fresh install. A year ago when i had a server, and even now again.

2, could you maybe specify how i would edit net_maxfilesize, or is it just a command?

3, i had some addons yeah, also downloaded some advdupes which were kinda messing with Wiremod.

Bump, only need to know how to adjust net_maxfilesize and fix those anoying NPC animation. Well, lack of animations really.

All materials, models etc should be copied from addon folder to the root in their respective folders.

You can issue commands from console or place the cvar in your server.cfg.

NOTE: Server.cfg makes more sense so you dont need to keep executing it

Thanks for the help guys! I made the limit higher, tried 100MB. But the limit seems to be 64 anyway.

Didn’t try the server.cfg though, cause i don’t have one strangely.