Need help with my gmod files

well I wanted to fix this pack that I never was able to remove by deleting all the files in Garry’smod/garry’s mod
but when I reinstalled
the files never came back. Help me please

What pack?

And what files never came back?

The killing floor models pack. The GMAN thing never found it. I deleted every known trace of it but it still was there. It replaced my rebel NPCs

The files from the gmod/gmod file.


Bump for my help is required

You can rename your gmod folder and let steam download another for you, after that try to put the addons back to the old one carefully.

Did you just delete its folder from addons or did you go into materials and models folders and delete them from there too?

mats and models etc etc too

Just do this if you don’t have any addons you want to keep.

so your saying the the old one is not being played anymore and the new is the current.?