Need help with my mapping

I’ve been mapping for about 2 years now and I know the basics creating brushes, carving, using no draw, adding dynamic lighting, adding hdr, and ect. I want to know if there is there any tutorials that can improve my mapping any further? I’m still learning triggers so maybe link me a video about triggers. I just want to expand my mapping capability.

Take a look at these tutorials and try some scripted events:

Scripting is the most funny part in my opinion. At least when it’s done and everything’s working as it should there’s always a big smile on my face.

You’ve been mapping for two years and you still use carve? Well, tehn: NEVER USE CARVE EVER EVER.

It’s good that you know how to carve. It’s even better if you know not to.

I still don’t get what’s so wrong with carving. I know exactly what it does. So why should I build the same architecture with brushes instead carving it with a simple click? The clipping tool does the same and no one is complaining. I know that there are some faces that are textured which shouldn’t be but that’s fixed within a few seconds. If it had been so unprofessional, Valve wouldn’t have it built in. I don’t get it.

In alot of situations, carving can create undetectable and undeletable micro-brushes that fuck up your compilation process. It’s also just a cheap shortcut that produces sub-par results most of the time.

It’s a quick way of doing something that can be done much better and more efficiently with clip.

Carving doesn’t always do it the most effiecent way…

No one said it was.

Wait clippinf doesn’t mean craving? What the hell is carving then?

Go tools>carve

It’s pretty handy for those complex doorways, where you want to give a high amount of detail in a short amount of time.

This thread turned into a carve thread ._.

Anyways, I suggest you learn how to make complex NPC interactions.

NO NO NO! DO NOT CARVE. DO NOT. It is horrible to do so.

So wait clipping is carve? Then I guess I’ve never used carve before.


Is there tut you can find for me?

I’ve used carve for my doors, windows, etc. For a LONG time, and I’ve never had any problems with it. If anything it have just made things easier and better looking for me.

It’s bad habit.

It has many problems:

It makes microbrushes which can crash your map/compile or make your map run more slowly.
It makes messy brush clips to achieve the goal. Trust me, with a big map full of those it’s realllly hard to work.
It makes it harder for vbsp to merge brushes and sometimes causes it to do it wrongly.

My hammer crashes sometimes and 99 % of the cases i have used carve in the map. I have stopped using it now and my hammer is much more stabile.

Carving a square block into a square block that is not rotated = Fine. Might create more brushes than necessary, but it won’t kill the map

Carving a cylinder into a square, not rotated = Shit, not smart.

Carving a sphere into a sphere = :smithicide:


Clipping is just more efficient in the long run, takes a little longer than carving as you have to set the cuts up, but it works so much better.

it is if you ungroup the wall afterwards…


do you ungroup the wallS?