Need help with my swep

how to rotate entity by mouse when in function SWEP:FreezeMovement returns true?
(like in “Weld - easy”)

give me the code for your SWEP and i’ll give you back a better one, depending on if it is an actuall weapon or something else

I solved my previous problem… but I have a new one:
in need function that will check if one entity crossing another one
something like SWEP:IsEntitiesCrossing(Ent1, Ent2)
it will be great if it will be in 3D space? but it also will be very good if it will be in 2D? like they all on the same hight.
I’m trying to make a swep, that will place buildings? and i need that function to check that they are not crossing each other.
This weapon is for my future gamemode.
Sorry if i have mistakes, I’m not very good at English :slight_smile: