Need help with new TTT server!

Hi there so there are a few problems I’m having with my new Gmod TTT server.

(1) My co-owner put a mapcycle.txt in but its not working every 6 rounds or every hour.

(2) Need help scripting some vip bonuses if anyone’s interested :smiley:

(3) Could really use some help with the ULX admin mod having some troubles with motd and stuff. Or if its not the best admin mod for ttt then what is?

if you are willing to help please contact me via steam or email so I can try and fix the problems asap to get my server up and running!

steam: =(e)=™ Kariak

Thanks for you time :smiley:

P.S. I’m new to being the owner of a server obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

bumb can anyone help?