Need help with Noesis and Quick BMS (AvP 2010)

Hello all, I followed this thread:

Along with other tutorials that had motivated me to get started on my project. My goal is to make a demo of an AvP 2 remaster (Or Extinction), and I’m just a programmer, so I’ve been looking for some good assets and this was the perfect solution since it contains everything I need for my goal (Animations, Models, etc.) However I can’t seem to find the HSKL file for the Facehugger model using QUICKBMS and Noesis, which means I cannot export it with animations into Maya. Can anyone help me out with this. How did you, using Noesis, export the facehugger model with animations? Model Name: Facehugger.RSCF

I’m having this same problem with the chestburster as well, and I feel like those aren’t the only ones I’m going to have trouble with. As of now I have the Xenomorph warrior and Predator with some animations imported into Unity and I have it working using my AI code, which motivated me to push forward, but this facehugger thing has me stuck.

TL;DR Cannot find HSKL file for Facehugger which is essential for exporting animations into Maya. Help!