Need help with NPC spawning

I’m making a gamemode and I want to give Admins a command who will add a spawnpoints for zombies, Zombies will be chosen randomly in the list of Zombies and they will spawn each 15 Min.

Thanks if you can help me with this.

Do the spawns need to save (incase a restart) after an admin adds a spawn command?


Please someone help me with this I really need help with it.

What have you done on it so far?

I tried to look on the web to find something about it but nothing.
I also tried to look at the DarkRP zombie spawning system but I didn’t found it.

You should start on it and ask for help on the specific part that you don’t know how to do.

Its for this part I need help for the Zombies spawning I done quite everything else I need for my gamemode, I just need someone to help me with the spawning system.

From the wiki:

[lua]function makeKleiner(ply)
kleiner = ents.Create(“npc_kleiner”) // Creating the npc.
kleiner:SetPos(ply:GetEyeTrace().HitPos + Vector(0,0,50)) // setting it’s position where the player is looking at.
kleiner:Spawn() // Spawning it.
concommand.Add(“makeKleiner”, makeKleiner ) // Linking the concommand makeKleiner to the function of the same name.[/lua]

There’s a ton of information on the wiki regarding spawning npcs, giving them commands and so on. Try creating something, and then asking for help on specific parts. If you’re interested in having someone develop the system for you, you can post here:

Thanks you thats help me a lot !