Need Help With OpenAura MySQL Connection

Ok so ive got my server up apart from when i join the game some stuff comes up like intalizing openaura. THen that fades and screen goes grey.

I get this in console log: Error connecting to DB: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061)

The server is hosted on Xenonservers and in the MySQL info i have changed the connection from localhost to Error connecting to:

But it still says connecting to localhost in that error! Please Help Me!

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Also im new here so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Localhost is when you are hosting something on your Computer. You are supposed to put the Name-Server or I.P there. And same goes for Username and Password and Database.

Leave off the http:// and /. Just try putting by itself (this is called a “domain”. it’s text that can be given in place of a computer’s IP address).

“localhost” is a domain for, you use it when your MySQL server and your gmod server are running on the same machine.

You don’t need to put the http:// there. This indicates what protocol should be used to communicate with the server at that domain; this is pretty much only needed by web browsers, since a web browser can access a web server in many different ways (a few examples of protocols: HTTP stands for Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol, HTTPS stands for Hyper-Text Tranfer Protocol Secure, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, etc, etc).

Gmod on the other hand, it knows that it’s connecting to a database, and automatically uses the correct protocol to do this. Therefore giving a protocol along with the hostname isn’t necessary.