Need help with optimization problems in rust

Just bought rust excited to play with my buddies and then i load in and start and its really laggy my fps is really low it is at 7 and my health bars arent fully there i lowered all settings and still wont run i have 16g of ram i7 processor and geforce 970m graphics card i should be able to run this game very easy. just need help to figure out the problem i have tried verifying my game files and every thing still wont work. need help please

rust is not optimized, expect low fps compared to other games until they are further along.

@knifey, true but maybe we can help this player.

He shouldn’t be getting 7 FPS. This is a decent card?

Have you tried lowering some of the settings using F2? Maybe something will help a lot with the FPS.

what servers are you playing on? high ping servers tend to affect the fps, you wanna be on low ping servers, also what GB mem does your GPU have? if its 1GB then you’ll need higher to run smoothly or you’ll need to run the game at its lowest or medium settings.

Try working with the F2 settings.

Worth checking that the game is actually using your graphics card, it seems to a commonish problem judging by the number of times it comes up on the forum.

tried lowering the settings i put them all on the lowest they go and still 7 fps i tried lower ping servers and everything i just don’t get it

I think it’s F1 to check what rust is using on your system. Try taking a screenshot or see if it’s using the integrated graphics instead of your card.

it is using the intergraded graphics card how do i switch it ?

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i figured it out thanks every one !

check balanced here. it helpd me a lot.