Need help with PERP!

Hello people,

I got some trouble with a gamemode perp (PERP2.5)
We need to have it converted to gmod 13 need help with it.
So if your able to convert it to gmod 13 Add me on steam or skype

Steam: rinaldo208
Skype: rinaldo1996

And if you think i am going to pay over 100$ Your wrong and leave this thread because i ain’t gonna pay that.

To discuss about price Add me.
Hopefully we can work a deal out.

I hope it works we worked already really much on it.

You don’t have to do so much we just say with what we got trouble and you say how to fix or if you want to fix it yourself your allowed to do that too

Friendly regards, Rinaldo

Leave this thread if you only post posts about that i better stop/leave/quit If you want to say that? You better leave.

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the hire thread" - Gran PC))

Don’t even bother helping Rinaldo, he owns a server that is led by bullies and hypocrites. Your choice though, I don’t think anyone would be willing to help him with that much big of code to fix.

Eey tyguy, Still mad because i we demoted you?

Reason: Admin abuse - Spawning money and Flying in houses and raid them…
Why you even respond to this? Your just still mad because we demoted you.
I have got a video from a guy that you where threatening! Your just a person can’t control powers.
And it was a good choice, Alot of people where saying too after i demoted you that you where abusing in anyway i have got some video’s too but that doesn’t matter cuzz this isn’t about that.

I don’t even know you personally. I joined your server and played on it for a while.

Yeah keep pretending you don’t know me,
You where the scripter from the group but you had got angry and said you would gonna ddos our server as revenge, Goodluck with further responses i am not gonna waste anymore letters to ya.

You’ve pretty much ruined your chances of getting anyone to help you the way you handled that situation then. Good job.

Think what you have to think but what i said is treu, If you can’t handle the treu Right up there you can close your browser :slight_smile:

Sorry sir, what is ‘treu’? Matt is correct.

I tried to get help with my perp.

I checked the FTP usage like 30 min later and the guy almost downloaded the whole server.

You cannot spell, you cannot pay, and you cannot read.


Who almost downloaded your whole server? (The guys) you mean (Ty guy) ??