need help with PHX

hello, I’ve been trying to be a serious builder for about an hour now and how do I make a smooth wheel space for a car? much like this:

cause when I make a car, it looks like I just slapped the wheel into it, without that thing I encircled. it’s greatly disturbing to see something without it, so would you like to help me?

also, that ford is made by Jackpody. he’s a nice builder

Just going to pop in here, even after 3 days or so. And glad you like the Ford, even though it is a bit iffy.
I used some parts from bombshells for form the wheelarch, three to be precise. They’re from EP2, you can find them by searching for “bomb” in the spawnmenu. They’re quaterround piece, so when ypu put 3 together at 45 degree marks, they make up half a circle.