Need help with player connection output

I am trying to get the server to output things to the console as you will see in my code.


GM.Name = "WorkInProgress"
GM.Author = "Chang"
GM.Website = ""

function GM:PlayerConnect( name, ip )
	print("Player: " .. name .. " has joined the game." )

function GM:PlayerInitialSpawn( ply )
	print("Player: " .. ply:Nick() .. " has spawned."

function GM:PlayerAuthed( ply, steamID, uniqueID )
	print("Player: " .. ply:Nick() .. " has gotten authenticated with " .. steamID .. " ."

But I keep getting this error in my console instead of the results I want…

Well, clearly the error is obvious.

You know what, lets teach you to read errors.

You see, the error message is “shared.lua, line 11, symbol “)” expected”

Not lets see your code at line 11:

print("Player: " .. ply:Nick() .. " has spawned."

Something is missing, right? Can you guess what?

the error is literally telling you in plain english what the problem is

Thanks. Lol couldn’t believe I was so blind.