Need help with playing sounds at specific times.

I am currently creating a TTT map.
I want to play music at the last minute of the round, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Maybe you guys can help me out?

Doesn’t it play music anyway, via Lua I’m pretty sure.

I really actually need it to play even without the use of TTT.

How will you know when the last minute is if you’re not using a gamemode :smug:


Sorry that wasn’t helpful, go try and Halfwit-2 for tutorials, I’m not familiar with sounds in Hammer

The rounds are to do with gmod, right? (couldn’t play this on default hl2 etc). If that’s so, there isn’t really a way around it. Lua can fuck about with mapping entities but not the other round (or if so, it’s very limited)


If it’s a map for a gamemode, the gamemode creator may be happy enough someone is mapping for it to add extra code for your map! Try contacting them.

Yeah, that might work, I’ll check with them.


Problem’s solved - some guy who does Lua coding will add the music to my map once it’s done.