Need help with pointshop weapons TTT

Iv’e been trying to add spawnable weapons into my pointshop for sometime now. I can get them to appear in the pointshop but they wont spawn after they are bought. Can anyone help me with this?

They probably won’t, if the player already has a weapon in the relative number slot

I tried that but even if a player has nothing in their inventory it still doesnt spawn.

Post your code

ITEM.Price = 800
ITEM.Model = models/props_junk/GlassBottle01a.mdl’’
ITEM.NoPreview = true
ITEM.AllowedUserGroups = { “owner”, “cp-owner”, “dev”, “partner”, “modplus”, “donator”, “donatorplus”, “vip”}

function ITEM:OnEquip(ply)
ply:SetMaxJumpLevel(1) – Enable double jump

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)
ply:SetMaxJumpLevel(0) – Disable double jump

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There is an example of an addon not working, i think there may be a problem with the entities folder.

Wtf? thats a double jump item for a double jump script i know.

Probably Willox’ :v:

Are you sure the double jump functions are right, and that the addon itself is working? Could be its outdated.
If its Willox’ addon, then again COULD be cough

Hes talking about a weapon item, not a double jump item

well i need help with both