Need help with prop_prisoner_vehicle_pod

So I’ve been currently attempting my own movie theatre, and have been looking into ways of adding usable seats.

Several google searches led me to use of Prop_prisoner_vehicle_pod, but with no information on how to actually set the seats properly.
Also each request for help in the entity points towards this defunct webpage:

Does anyone have any information for use of these entities, or perhaps a copy of the afformentioned tutorial? I’ve even tried the wayback machine, and the tutorial must have been deleted somewhere between 2009 and 2012…

These are my main problems:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

EDIT: Looks like I messed up the title

maybe try using this addon on your server then you only have to map the cinema

Firstly make sure you have all the fgd’s loaded ! They are located in your Garry’s mod/bin folder

Open Garry’s mod.dir in gcfscape and extract models/nova/airboatseat.[…] And place it to your (in guessing yourre using CSS hammer?) Cstrike/models /nova folder.
(You will have to create the nova folder)

You should be able to see it in hammer now if you search for “seat”. In your prisoner_pod go to world model and choose your seat. Also make sure to place a info_target somewhere and make it the parent of your pods (so they stay in place). The parent is on the very bottom of the pod properties :slight_smile:

Ah, so the point is to use the airboatseat for position and to then make it invisible?

yes exactly :slight_smile: to make it invisible do that:
Set all fade distances to 1 … like this :

The reason that player models appear in weird positions when using custom chair models is because they’re missing a special bone that defines where the player model sits and the direction.

If you want to use the custom model as the actual chair model, you’ll need to decompile it and add the seat bone to the model and recompile it.