Need help with quake map

I forgot whether or not this forum support other games but I’m using hammer 3.3 to map for quake but when I run the map I get, “Couldn’t spawn server map/test.bsp”. I used this tutorial to use hammer 3.3 for quake mapping. Also I did add info_player_start to the map before I compiled it.

I think GiGaBiTe is the person to talk to when it comes to Quake mapping. He seems to know all the quirks of that engine.

Well can you link me to his profile page? Also last time I heard, he left facepunch.

Or you could find it yourself.

Google him, ‘GiGaBiTe Facepunch’

Still didn’t get his profile page or a post by him. All that I found with that search was even close was this

He is mod of something, isn’t he ? Check out sections and look who’s controlling

It shouldn’t be this hard…

Nothing’s hard if you know how to start.

Found him and hes perma banned

Contact Bohb then.

Too late I found out what caused the problem. All I had to do was to put a maps folder in ID1 folder and make that the place where to put my maps.