Need help with re-skinning an existing model in garrys mod

Didn’t get a respones in the Gmod discussions so I am trying here. I am trying to reskin a model and make it a new one that’s slightly modified but I am unable to load it onto garrys mod without it overwriting the old version that I still want. I changed all the names of everything I could. There is no up to date documentation on things like HEX which I think I need to do to get it to change to the new one. Any help would be appreciated. I know how to do everything except have it not overwrite the existing skin.

If its just for a reskin and a hex i could help you with it. Which model are you talking about?

Also yeah there isn’t much about hex & Skin tbh.

Thanks, I’m trying to reskin this model .

I’ll try to do it tonight and send it in a message on your Facepunch profile.

If you could could you give me the steps to do it so I can figure out what I did wrong or record it being done. If not thanks anyway.

I can’t post it on your profile nor via Steam so i’ll leave the download here:

I recolored the hexed blue to red for a example. The blue skin is in the main folder.

If you want to know what you may did wrong on the last hex, contact me on Steam( Cipher_zero ) and i’ll try my best.

Ok, thank you so much.

Alex I sent you a pm :3