Need help with Refreshing Request for SMFID (Please!)

Okay guys well i just started my own perp server and I got a fully working perp 3 from novagaming. They would not help me set it up, but i already have it setup with a sql and everything. What i need help is when i go into my server it said Refreshing Request for Smfid. Recconencting in 5 seconds. So I need help with that if your willing to help me fix this server I will pay 5$ a month even if ur doing nothing and I will add an extra 5$ you help me with a problem. I currently use perp 2.5 Sql which is the only sql i got and he said he wont provide sql since i only got it for 35$ (extra 25$ for sql which i thought was crazy). My friend said perp 2.5 sql would work. But if you can help me i will pay! comment below and we can set something up :smiley: Please dont say (dont start a server if you dont know how to fix it) I have perp 1.5 working nice and I have a community started with over 50+ People in it I am just currently just upgrading it to a new perp

I had the same problem it means that you are not connected to the database send me a PM and I will help you out

Not sure how well this would work but couldnt you just look through the internals of the gamemode and the saving feature and then create your own PerpSQL from there onwards.

That would take a long time to do as PERP is a very complex gamemode in the coding side of things I have a working data base I could give you the database if you like adonisg.

you could have the connection info wrong or you need to white list your server box IP if you are using a database form a web host company as that was the problem with a number of people using bluehost if you go into sv_hooks.lua line 54 and check your connection info

and SkTN get the hell out you troll you have not made even one post so your rating is invalid :stuck_out_tongue:

what is adonisg? im just curious because i am setting up a perp 3.5 server.

adonisg is the OP