Need Help With Rust Server Setup.

I am having a few complications with configuring my server, if you have any knowledge add me on skype: declan.obrien62
or steam: Dobrien6

Who’s your GSP?

Why add you on Skype or Steam? Can’t you discuss it here so that other people can benefit from it as well?

Fair enough, i am hosting with multiplay.

This is what i sent to them,
I am quiet a noob to all the new server stuff, but when i installed oxide essentials and oxide, it comes up with 2 errors:
Failed to recieve response from server (recv) (Connection reset by peer)
Unknown error for cmd ‘quit’ (No response) (Connection reset by peer)

And when i go to connect to the server, it says ‘Connected!’ then disconects me straight away.
But it still works fine with vanilla installed.

If you can help, that would be great.

Thanks, Declan! :slight_smile:

They replied back telling me to reset all worlds and create a new profile. I did this and had no sucsess can anyone help?

I don’t know much about mods, but there’s a subforum for them. You’d probably have better luck there. Make sure you have the most recent versions of Oxide, since the update just came out a couple days ago I dunno if the new Oxide is out yet. /shrug

But if your server works fine without mods then I think it’s safe to say that they are your problem. (pointing out the obvious)

Hi Dobrien, I’m Multiplay’s community manager. Are you still experiencing issues? What’s your mh number? :slight_smile:

Hi skitrel, yes i am, i have asked them to fix it multiple times and they havent. my MH number: MH291806