Need help with server.cfg for Surf

All I find when googling are setting for css surf and people usually say that what other people are using is crap so I am hoping maybe someone here can tell me what are normal or proper surf server.cfg settings?

I am using phresh’s surf btw found here:


no one? :confused:
having a hell of time getting the settings just right

This is from my bhop gamemode:

RunConsoleCommand("sv_stopspeed", 75)
RunConsoleCommand("sv_friction", 6)
RunConsoleCommand("sv_accelerate", 8)
RunConsoleCommand("sv_airaccelerate", 150)

I never played surf so I’m assuming it’s the same thing.

I will test these out right now

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Just realized you have 2 different sv_airaccelerate settings?

sv_airaccelerate and sv_accelerate are not the same thing

There are 2 airaccelerate though

Shit, thanks for pointing that out, I’ve not been getting a lot of sleep lately, rofl