Need help with server please =]

Hey, me and my mate recently got a server, we got some stuff put on it and all that, but I was wandering if anyone knows how I make it so only admins can use a certain gun for example. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

ULX is the way to go if you want a great server. If you want to restrict weapons with ulx you need to get urestrict. When using urestrict do the following:
Type urestrict in console
select the loadout defualt and apply that for every rank that you want to have weapons restricted. Now, if you want weapons to be aloud you need to right click the weapon in the weapons menu to spawn it, then copy the real name in console. After that you need to open up urestrict again and add that weapon to the default setting.

[lua]function GM:PlayerSpawnSWEP(ply)
if !ply:IsAdmin() then //If the player isn’t an admin
return false end //then return false so they can’t spawn weapons!

Place this code in your init file, it will stop players spawning sweps if they are not admins.

Or You could also go into sweps and set it so admins can only spawn it.

If thats lua, – not //.

They both work in gmod.

You could get ASS Mod.

Why did no one tell me this before?
Does /* */ work?

I believe so