Need help with server questions

So my issue is, I have a 32 slots server. It is home hosted, but before you gawk, it is hosted on High-Speed Business internet, and is on a professional server bracket, that currently has the following specs:

OS: Windows XP (32 Bit, you’ll see why in a sec)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (Dual Core, at 3.00 GHz)
RAM: 2GB Single-Channel DDR @133MHz (Upgrading to 8GB DDR @ 1600MHz shortly, so we can host a MC server on the other core)

So, my questions are these:

  1. How do I change my servers tickrate, w/o editing server.cfg (If possible)
  2. Do you think the CPU can handle a 20 slot MC server and a 32 slot Teamspeak server
  3. How do I get players to get on my server, without looking like a jerk or advertising on other servers.

Best reguards, NiZ.

  1. Command line
  2. Probably, if they both aren’t full. Try it.
  3. Post in forums, tell friends, good luck it it’s DarkRP.

What is the command line code, and where do I put it? Do you mean my start.bat?

What’s the motherboard make and model?

Why can’t you use the server.cfg? But to do it through commandline add this in there
tickrate 33
Replace 33 preferably with either 16, 33, or 66. Idk why, it’s just what the cool kids do.

wtf does that matter?

Not really, he’s probably just curious.

Your specs contain conflicting information.
•In order to use more than 3gb of RAM, you’ll need to use a 64-bit os.
•There are no pentium 4 processors that have more than 1 core. The only dual core pentium processors that use the netburst architecture that exist are the short lived pentium D’s.
•You report that your RAM is clocked to 133mhz (the only ddr standard that supports this speed is the original DDR) and you want to get 1600mhz ram (The only ddr standard that supports this speed is DDR3). Now, there are motherboards that exist that support ddr/ddr2, ddr2/ddr3 and I think ddr3/ddr4, however no boards exist that support both ddr/ddr3. It’s also important to note that though boards like this support two standards, they won’t work with both at the same time; only one or the other. The RAM you’re planning on buying won’t even fit in the slots. You never know, you might have a board that does support two standards.

The good news is that you most likely have a pentium D processor. The socket type used (775) is supported by a huge range of intel processors. If you wanted to you could get all the way up to a core2 quad but I need to know the motherboard so I can go to the manufacturers website to see what we’re dealing with and what you can upgrade to.

Also, anything running the netburst architecture is going to be abysmally slow, use a lot of power, and generate a lot of heat. Don’t be decieved by the clock rates, I’ve just used a computer with a pentium D myself just this month and I can tell you that it performs more like a cpu from 2002. Any midrange core2 should benefit you greatly and you should see increased tick rates. I also doubt that you could host much of a minecraft server on it until you upgrade.

Just post the make and model, please.

Edit: I just realized that that wasn’t the same person who posted.

The socket 774 Pentium 4’s could do 64 bit, still an awful CPU though.

He probably is thinking the hyper threading is another core too.

Actually, I have two seperate Pentium 4’s. Like…2 proccessors. :confused: My bad.

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By Dual Core I meant 1 core with 2 threads. A theoretical dual core. Added onto that, I have 2 of those processors.

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IBM M71IX. But it’s some weird edition that allows for two CPUs.

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As far as the RAM goes, I wasn’t really 110% on the speeds. I was going for the best I could, and 1600MHz seems to be the limit that I was willing to pay for. However, if it can’t handle it (will research when it comes time to buy) then I’ll get the next best thing.

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It’s a Socket 478.

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Not sure. SRCDS is acting up on it for some reason. I was planning on 16 after researching what DarkRP servers need. Wouldn’t I need a - or + on the batch?

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Not sure. SRCDS is acting up on it for some reason. I was planning on 16 after researching what DarkRP servers need. Wouldn’t I need a - or + on the batch?

-tickrate 33

Thanks. I looked into it, and will be posting a new post with a few follow-ups. Thanks to this, my server can run WAY better xD