Need help with server-side weapon textures.

I’m trying to get this Fallout 3 Pistol Model located here to load on a gmod server as the model for a custom weapon on TTT.

The problem is, the model and textures download, but the texture on the gun doesn’t load. Is there a specific way I need to have the weapon load to get the texture to work server side, or will it not work at all? Everything in resources.lua is correct, and all of the files download. The only problem is that the actual texture doesn’t show up server-side. It works perfectly on singleplayer if it’s installed manually.

I’m not particularly skilled in doing this, so it’s probably an error on my part. If I need to post any additional information, please tell me what you’d need to help.

-Edit, Nevermind, I got one working. The ones I used didn’t work server side, but I found one that does work for it. Is there a way to close a thread or mark it solved?