Need help with server

Not sure if this is the right section, so sorry if it isnt

But I’m having some real trouble setting up cars on my server, as i keep getting mass lua errors, it is a dedi so if anyone with experience could help, either i could make you a subuser on the cpanel and you could do it for me or tell me why my set up might be getting mass lua errors, i installed gta iv drivable vehicles and am using the banshee installed all the folders to their directory, added the respective resourceaddfiles and as soon as you get on its mass lua errors / dc

And also if its any reward, id be willing to make anyone willing to fix it an admin on the server

Are you putting the cars into your own custom car dealer? Or in the F4 menu?

Maybe outdated lua files?

Can you give some more examples on how you are doing it? like where are you placing the files?